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Sunday Funday August 13, 2017


If you are in Hamilton and you need BBQ. This is the place.

Warm Up:

Animal Walks

Skill Work:

Get upside down or spend 10 minutes on something you are working on.


Choose a lift you are not currently training and find a max. 

Conditioning: With partner

PT 1 - 5 min AMRAP

P1 Static DBL KB Front Rack Hold

P2 10 Goblet Squats 

PT 2 - 5 Min AMRAP

P1  Double KB Farmers Hold

P2  10 Ring Rows

PT 3 - 5 min AMRAP

P1 Flexed Arm Hang

P2 10 Hollow Rock


Monday August 14, 2017
Happy Friday August 11, 2017


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Friday, 15 December 2017

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