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Monday July 31st, 2017



Ok boys and girls, new cycle is here. You worked hard in the last one, some of you had great PR weeks others had shitty ones. They are in the past, tomorrow is a new day. 


Warm Up:

Limber 11

Then 1or 2  of:

T spine

Hip on Box


Pigeon (:10)


2-3 times through:

5 Air Squats.

10  BB/KB Front Squats wIth 2 sec pause.

BB/KB Rack Hold x 20 Seconds



Work to a heavy 5/8 rep max Squat then @ 60%

Men 5x5

Women 5x8


You can squat 75% of your single for 10


10 Min Amrap of:

12 Hollow Rock

10 Jumping split Lunges 5/5

10 Ball Slams

Tuesday August 1st 2017
Sunday Funday July 30, 2017

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Friday, 15 December 2017

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