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Happy Monday May 1st, 2017


Happy Monday. We are on a new cycle. 10# to lower body 5# to upper body. Good luck.

Warm Up

10 Goblet Squat

Bear Crawl TNB

Banded hip on Box

10 Goblet Squat

Over Unders Tall Box 5/5 L/R

1 Minute Olympic Wall Sit.


2 - 4 minutes of additional mobility. Try out the poster (:15)


Skill: 5 minutes





5+x85% :40



Part 1

4 MInute of:

Burpee Pull Up/Burpee Box Jump Jumping Pull Up


Part 2

4 min to

Max press.


Part 3

4 min of:

5/5 Wipers

Bupree Bar Jump overs.


Location (Map)

Tuesday May 2 , 2017
Tuesday April 25 , 2017

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