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"The biggest separation in teen athletes is not skill. If your son or daughter is playing rep league hockey, the odds are the skill levels of all the players will be relatively similar. Strength, power and explosiveness are the game changers."

CrossFit Guelph offers both in season maintenance and off season strength and conditioning programs.

At CrossFit Guelph we believe the best thing for our young athletes is to make them injury resistant generalists. What this means is we focus on building athletes, not specialists. We do not teach sport specific skills but rather teach general skills and build strength that will enable you to express your sport specific skills better. All our Team Strength, Conditioning and Mobility programs are designed to help reduce the risk of injury to your players.  Our focus is on proper technique, mobility and of course, strength, power and explosiveness.

Although varying by degrees, the strength and conditioning needs of a high school football player, basketball player, hockey or baseball player are all the same.

We teach 10 basic physical fitness skills and build our program around them. They are simple, they are tried and true and most importantly, they work.

Fitness Skills are:











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