The Story of Crossfit Guelph

At CrossFit Guelph our focus is on education. We teach our members how to move well, to understand how the body works together and how mastering a few basic movements lends itself to a better quality of life. Our first rule is do no harm and we take this very seriously. Training should not lead to injury. It should be safe, fun, challenging and accesible to all. 

We began our journey in 2006. At that time CrossFit was new to Canada and there were only 8 other affiliates Nationwide. We were the 9th.

In 2006 I was the head instructor at Guelph Shorinjiryu Kudaka Karate Club. Nearing the end of my competitive career I had come to the realization that we were missing a piece of the puzzle to becoming complete martial artists.

Training for a modern world.
Little by little, day by day.

I was strong, I thought, as I was working as a renovation carpenter at the time and believed I had a good grasp of functional movement. Turns out I was wrong on both counts.

Like everyone else I ventured to the local gym and even signed up for personal training. It did not take long to realize that this was not what I needed. I needed something that made me good at a whole bunch of differnt things at once, I wanted to develope athleticism, be stronger, be more mobile and to be better at the game of life. I was looking for something to keep me motivated, give me something to train for.

I needed to replicate my "dojo" experience in the gym. I needed, mentorship, guidance, a program, someone to motivate me and a group to hold me accountable.

Enter CrossFit.

I did my first WOD with Adam Mordan at CrossFit Alchemy in Hamilton. I was so nervous. Afterall I was post Black Belt and an instructor.  I remember thinking that if I drove slowly I'd be late and then I would have my out. My ego was really messing with me.

Well, as it turns out I was the last to finish, had my butt handed to me by a woman who seemd to be in her 60's and some young kid. I knew right away I had found the missing piece.

It was CrossFit and the general athleticism it created.

We began integrating CrossFit concepts into our Karate classes a few days later and from these humble beginnings, with a few dumbells and medicine balls we, have grown into a 5500 square foot fully functioning CrossFit Gym.

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