Eat Right! We can help

Nutrition Services at CrossFit Guelph

Your best self begins with Nutrition.

Eating well is not difficult,  but for some, resisting temptation is. It is easy to get stuck in the habitual thinking of “I’ll eat better when the wedding is over, when the holidays are done or when the kids are back in school.”  Life seems to provide a myriad of excuses to start tomorrow.

This program, like our CrossFit and Personal Training Programs, combines behavioural change with the support you need to create a LIFETIME of Worry Free Success. Addressing stress/emotional eating is a key for many.

We don’t sell supplements, quick fixes or fad diets, we sell coaching, accountability and mentorship.

Email us at or click the link below to book your initial consultation with our resident nutrition expert, Dr Julia Downer.


Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.