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Thursday May 11, 2017


It's a spicy one!

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Tuesday May 16, 2017


Something Dirty

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Tuesday December 15, 2015

Tuesday December 15, 2015

We are embarking on week 5. Percentages move up to 80% and the sets come down a little Boys at 4x5 girls at 3x8. Remember, we re nto lookgin fro PR's. If you feel good push if you don't. don't. We are looking for a general upward trend over the course of the 8 weeks. Don't dismay if your numbers stay the same for a week or even if they dip for a week. Stay technically sound work within your limits and good things will happen.

I have seen great changes in the classes I see regularly. Stay focused, stay braced and stay on track. Good things are happening.

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Monday December 7, 2015

Monday December 7, 2015

Happy monday everyone. Percentages go to 75%. Reps and sets stay the same. I am really impressed with the efforts I have been seeing over the last weeks. Special shoutout to my nooners. Ladies are pushing hard. It is very satisfying to see the willingness to push grow a littel bit every class. #crossfitguelph #crossfit #guelph

Keep up the hard work.

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Sunday Funday November 8 2015

Sunday Funday November 8 2015

Happy Sunday Funday!



Warm Up:

Joint Warm Up

Obstacle course (:10)


Spend some time on a skill of choice or practice getting your upside down (:20)


Make sure you have warmed up what you need to warm up and then pick a lift and find a single rep max.


12 Min Amrap

3 Handstand Push Ups (Strict, Box or Push Ups)

6 Pull Ups (Use Bands but only to a minimum, Bar Pull Ups, or 6 Ring Rows)

9 Squats

Lunge TNB



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