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Meet Michelle, your M.O.M for November

Meet Michelle, your M.O.M for November

Meet our Member of the Month for November. Michelle is a certified badass. She moves great, is super cool and is a wicked Chiro and ART practitioner. If you have not seen her, do yourself a favour. 

Name - Michelle Turner


Age - 43


What exercise or sports did you participate in before joining CrossFit Guelph?

I rode horses for lotsa years. My workouts the last few years have mostly been running and the 'ole usual gym classes.


How long have you been training with CrossFit Guelph

Since July 2015

Favourite exercise or workout?

I love it all in different ways, but I really love wall balls and love to hate burpees and I really love dirty thirty or any looong chippers!


Least Favourite exercise or workout?

Don't really 'dislike' a particular exercise...but proper kettlebell cleans and snatches are a 'project',


Describe your first day at CrossFit Guelph?

So. Much. Fun. I knew this was the place for me right from go. I had gotten a bit bored with the 'usual' at the gym, and Crossfit Guelph was exactly what I was looking for. There's no getting bored at CFG!


What sort of changes have you seen since joining CrossFit Guelph?

So many! I love how much stronger I've become - and what I really love is that for once, there's a purpose to my training. Finally, I'm looking towards getting stronger, fitter, better at a skill, instead of losing 10 lbs or just hitting the gym with no real plan.


What advice would you give people who are curious about trying CrossFit Guelph?

Try it! Try it! Try it! If you regret it, I'll be a monkey's uncle. CFG is not a place where you're just going to 'do a class' - it's so much more. There's a plan. You will be actually coached vs just having someone teach a class at the front of the room. It's fun. You'll learn. It really is a community or I'd even say a family. It's good stuff. Try it. :)


Tuesday December 6, 2016
Monday December 5, 2016

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