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May 2017 MOTM - Mark Vanos


Congratulations Mark V


Name Mark Vanos.

‎Age 41

What exercise or sports did you participate in before joining CrossFit Guelph?


How long have you been training with CrossFit Guelph

8 months.

Favourite exercise or workout?

Bench press/ O.H.P.

Least Favourite exercise or workout?


Describe your first day at CrossFit Guelph?

It was a Sunday, and I lasted about 5min through animal walks before Mike asked me to sit down from exhaustion. Looked like I was going to be sick and felt like it to.

What sort of changes have you seen since joining CrossFit Guelph?

I have seen weight loss, gained a lot of strength, mobility, much higher confidence, feel a lot better mentally. Believe it or not but with Mike's nutritional advice I cured my type 2 Diabtees. Over all feel 100 percent better than 8 months joke.

What advice would you give people who are curious about trying CrossFit Guelph?

Come out and try it, every exercise can be scaled to suit you so you will not feel intimidated by anyone else at Cross Fit. We all work a bit different and have different strength and flexibility. It is life changing!

Surprise Friday! July 7 th, 2013
ThursdayJuly 5th, 2017


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Friday, 15 December 2017

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