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Copy of Congratulations Ryan, your M.O.T.M for May.

Copy of Congratulations Ryan, your M.O.T.M for May.

Meet our Member of the Month for May.  I am proud to present to you...Ryan Vadori.  Ryan is a dedicated 6 amer. In the last 6 months he has fixed his back issues, nailed strict pull us, MuscLe Ups, and just generaly kicked ass. A smart, hard working and dedicated guy. Good luck on the last bit if the PHD journey. Se you in 4 months.


 Name: Ryan Vadori. Age: 29

What exercise or sports did you participate in before joining CrossFit Guelph?

Softball, golf, and a bit of hockey

How long have you been training with CrossFit Guelph?

6 months

Favourite exercise or workout?

Muscle-ups! I was thrilled when I finally got my first one.

Least Favourite exercise or workout?


Describe your first day at CrossFit Guelph?

Sunday Funday! It was my first time in a gym in about a year, and I've never previously been much of a cardio/conditioning guy. The strength portion was ok, but as the workout started, I realized quickly how poor my conditioning really was. From that moment, I was pretty hooked on improving all facets of my fitness.

What sort of changes have you seen since joining CrossFit Guelph


Too many to count! Obvious ones include more strength and muscle, better conditioning and less aches and pains throughout the day (I have a history of back/neck injuries). I also sleep and eat better, and have more energy.

What advice would you give people who are curious about trying CrossFit Guelph?

Come in with an open mind, you will learn a lot. I had been a member at several different globo-style gyms previously, but right off the bat, I learned how to better move throughout all exercises. These small changes and tweaks have made a world of difference, and I'm much safer when working out. The community at Crossfit Guelph is awesome and very supportive no matter what skill level you are, so there's no reason not to give it a try!

Thursday June 9, 2016
Wednesday June 8, 2016

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