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Congratualtions Holly, Member of the month.

Congratualtions Holly, Member of the month.

Congratulations Holly. Holly has been with us for 3.5 years now and has grown so much as an athlete and person. Such a good presence in class. Always a pleasure to see her smiling face.


Name Holly Tyszka

Age 35

What exercise or sports did you participate in before joining CrossFit Guelph?

Running 5k three times a week and playing frisbee

How long have you been training with CrossFit Guelph?

3.5 years

Favourite exercise or workout?

I like squats in all forms

Least Favourite exercise or workout?

I'm not a fan of "Fran" or excessive amounts of body blasters or athlete makers (5 at a time max!)

Describe your first day at CrossFit Guelph?

It was intimidating but Tiff was welcoming and walked our group through everything. Unfortunately I pulled some muscles in my (already bad) back that first class, but I couldn't wait to come back after I healed up.

What sort of changes have you seen since joining CrossFit Guelph?

My awesome muscles and how much stronger I have become! I love when men seeing me lifting bags of water softener salt at the grocery store and they ask if they can help. I usually give a little laugh and just say " No thanks. I've got this."

What advice would you give people who are curious about trying CrossFit Guelph? I

'm not sure if this is advice, but I would tell them that a CFG class is the most productive hour I've ever spent working out and they should come check out a class to get a firsthand perspective of what it's all about.

Thanks so much Holly. You are a roclstar.


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