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Congrats Kevin

Congrats Kevin

Congratulations Kevin! 

 Name Kevin Johnson

Age 36

What exercise or sports did you participate in before joining CrossFit Guelph? 

I did a variety of sports as a kid growing up but mainly I was a competitive figure skater till college. I hadn't done much between then and joining Crossfit. Recently I've been trying my hand at rowing. 

How long have you been training with CrossFit Guelph?

9 months.

Favourite exercise or workout?

Toes to Bar...or in my case more like knees to elbows

Least Favourite exercise or workout?

Body Blasters

Describe your first day at CrossFit Guelph?

It was a bitter cold day in January but as I remember got warmer when the Boot Camp started. The atmosphere was friendly which helped ease the nerves of trying CrossFit. When the class was done I knew I had made the right decisision in trying out CrossFit Guelph.

What sort of changes have you seen since joining CrossFit Guelph?

I have more energy and endurance. I am stronger than when I started. Plus I like the tone and muscle growth I'm seeing.

What advice would you give people who are curious about trying CrossFit Guelph? I

If you like being part of a community and want an alternate way of staying in shape then Crossfit Guelph is the place. Your limits are what you don't try. Beyond that anything is possible.


Sunday October 9th 2016
Friday October 7th, 2016

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