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A day in the life at Fit Kids Summer Camp


Are you ready for the summer, are you ready for some fun?


A typical day at Camp will be broken up into external physical elements and internal quiet times and will look something like this

1.We start the day of with a little free time as campers arrive and get ready for the day.

2. Group quiet time, meditation, mindfulness, time to sit and chat.

4. Warm Up/Games in prep for movement training.

5. Skill Acquisition. We will focus on teaching a variety of skills. These will vary and will draw from strength training, gymnastics, weightlifting, yoga and martial arts.

6. A Workout/Game using the new skills.

7. Play time. Off to the park for ball sports or the water park.

8. Back to gym for some quiet time or depending on the kids more movement exposure.

9. Lunch

This will repeat itself loosely in the afternoon and one a daily baisis with new skills being learned daily. There will be lots of water breaks and space between sessions.


Happy Tuesday-Great work yesterday, everyone!
Happy Friday everyone.


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Monday, 19 February 2018

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