Insight Based Coaching is our premier coaching experience.

We bring together MIND, BODY and SPIRIT to create a permanent, life changing transformational experience.


Does your life feel like it is out of control, do you have trouble slowing down, is your mind a jumble of thoughts? Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, poor sleep and general mental fatigue? Is feeling truly happy a distant memory?

What we have come to understand over the past 10 years and 900 clients is that we are all unbroken miracles of existence, our greatest struggles are always with our own thinking and that, despite how it feels, we are not at the mercy of our thoughts, others or the world around us. We are whole, complete and unbroken!

Insight Based Coaching offers a new psychological paradigm and permanent solutions to stress, anxiety, fear and worry. You will become more loving, productive, improve your relationships and of course get in great shape.

Within our iBC program’s framework  you will work exclusively with the founder of CrossFit Guelph and Insight Based Coaching,  to realize your very best you.