Friday November 20 2015


You are a BADASS! Now be a smart one.


We’ve got our groove back: many of us have survived the whirlwind of starting careers and sleepless nights with newborns. Those of us who are parents now pack lunches for our brood and send them off for the day. We’re often settled into a more comfortable pattern with our careers, though often have more responsibility.  In essence, we’re probably busier than ever, but we also are more likely to have our sh*t together.

There are also changes that happen along the way with both our bodies and our mindset that made me suspect that my class would garner interest. We’d have peers going through the same time of life. Participants could get a great workout that was still mindful of joints that were a little less forgiving. Training would be challenging but smartly designed. So when it went up on the roster, I was full of enthusiasm. I told my friends, and I was sure it would be a hit. Until nobody showed up.

“Nobody our age wants to go to a Fit After 40 class. We want to feel like we’re badasses.”

There’s something about things aimed at middle-aged people that irritates me. Even the term middle aged feels blah. The marketing messaging seems to give women matronly and sexless identities.  We’re painted as sensible, turtleneck-wearing soccer moms. We’re less likely to be portrayed as sexy unless it’s in the ‘milfy’ sense. Middle-aged dudes don’t fare much better: they’re stereotyped as pathetically trying to recapture their youth with sports cars and little blue pills.



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November 18 2015
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November 6 2015

8 Laws of Strength Training


A good read from T Nation

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Tri City Challenge. 2015

Our 3rd Annual Tri City Challenge is coming soon.

Saturday October 31st  from 8:30 - 2:30

Join us for a friendly competition and test of your fitness.

3 Workouts plus a bonus. 

Teams of one male and on female. 

RX'D and Scaled divisions.

Open to all, fun for everyone.

T shirts for wearing and BBQ for eating.

80.00 per team. 25 Team limit.

Sign up HERE by October 21st. (Team Sign Up)

Sign up HERE by October 21st. (Single Sign Up)

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Sleep is good.

MMMMM sleep is the best. Here are the who, what, where, when, and whys.

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