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Intention. What is it and why is it important?

Intention. What is it and why is it important?

So the New Year is here and the goal setting and promises to oneself are in full swing. The question is does any of that matter without Intention. Thanks to Sue for your inspiration. It is not a polished piece but it is.


 Let's start with a definition, 

"Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought." Ok right check, sure, got it. But what is it really?

I would like to offer an alternate view. Let's stretch our imagination to make Intention about the moment, more about listening and feeling than doing. When we see intention in this manner it becomes about acting with Intent rather than having an intention to act? If we can make this little leap Intention becomes watching and listening to whatever you are doing in the moment. It is being fully emersed in the moment of your action not a future action. 

When we can see this side of Intention it becomes a state of mind. It is no longer about doing in the future, goal oriented intention, but rather simply doing in the moment. It becomes action from ones purest essence. It is compassion, it is oneness with whatever you are doing, you at your very best, it is love.  

If we buy into this yoga becomes a feeling, not an exercise in not thinking. Parenting turns from confrontational to compassionate and training becomes movement from your essence. It eminates from your very core, that untouchable and unbroken place where your best waits to be rediscovered.


Intention is doing with the wholeness of your being from your very essence.


So what the heck does this have to do with lifting weights, training or sports?

If we can agree on our newly expanded definition then Intention becomes a watchful state of being from which we move. With this comes focus, awareness, and most importantly honesty. Focus and awareness are both obvious bonuses when training or playing sports but honesty, what does that have to with it?

Honesty is both the freedom to and framework from which to move within your limits without ego.  It is the state from which we determine the limits of our action. 

Of course there is an almost infite possibility for levels of honesty. A pro football player will have a higher state of Honesty from which to draw than an over 40 beer league touch football player. A gymnast will have more honesty to draw from than soneone who cannot hang from the rings.  Interestingly enough their states of honesty are all the same relative to themselves. To bring this into focus we will use a squatter.

A 45 year old "athlete" is squatting. They have been diligent with their warm up sets and have begun a progression to a Single Rep Max. This could be any number. Set of 10, 5, triples whatever. Off they go 75% all systems go, 80% hmmm, something is not right, 85% crap, I was on my toes, 90% felt my back round, 95% on my toes, upper back round, feel my back, 100% Dammit, I'm hurt. 

All along Intention and honesty have been giving feedback, guarding against the ego, whether we listen, is up to us. 

Intention is that state of easy focus, of awareness, watching, listening, passive engagement, in the moment and that place from which spectaculer performance are born. It is easy, flows and comes without effort. it is the knowing when to push and when to rest, when to stop and when to go.

Intention is not trying to do, it is the very essence of doing.

So how will this help?  Find your INTENTION and you will see.

Wednesday January 4,2017
Happy New Year Monday January 2,2017

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