"Our Camps are all about instilling a lasting love of fitness and mindfullness in our Future Stars."

Dear Parents,

We know you care about your kids physical and mental health. SO DO WE! We are here to help you help them develop a life long love of fitness, health, confidence and mental fortitude.

There is no doubt that a close relationship exists between physical and mental well being and cognitive ability.  Our Future Stars Summer Camp is designed to promote self confidence, athletic ability, and a life long love of fitness and yes, they are FUN.

All of our kids and youth programs combine many different aspects of movement, strength training, gymnastics, stretching, and mindfullness.

In our full day, week long Summer Camps we are able to dig a little deeper. Our Summer kids and youth programs combine similar aspects of movement, strength training, gymnastics, stretching,  and mindfullness but also include ball sports, and martial arts, while still fostering and setting the stage for experiencing self confidence, meditation, mindfullness and how to be and use quiet time. All of this comes together to create a complete and immersive experience designed to be FUN, challenging and educational.


July Camps - July 4 - 7 (Co-ed) 

Daily themed workouts and obstacle courses where campers will push, pull, run, throw, lift, climb and jump. Kids will gain improved fitness, coordination, confidence and strength to help them in life and in sport. Camp also focuses on nutrition, community and group activities.

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July 10 - 14 - (Girls Only) 

A fun fitness program designed to encourage young girls to become strong, confident and active. This group setting empowers girls to step out of their comfort zone, and try new skills and activities that will help improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination through game play, skill sessions, workouts and cool downs.

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July 17-21 (Co-ed) 

Each day brings new challenges, opportunity to learn, and FUN. We will move some weights, do some mobility, play games, and maybe even go to the water park to cool down.

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July 24-28 (Co-ed) 

Every Camp experience will be unique but will always include FUN, the opportunity to learn and overcome challenges. We will learn the basics of movement, nutrition and mindfullness as well as all of the other things we offer.

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August 14-18 (Girls Only) 

We wanted to provide girls with an opportunity to have a Camp week all to themselves. We will incorporte some self defence and spatial safety awareness training in each of our Girls Only camps. Of course they will still be FUN, challenging and empowering.

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August 21-25 (Co-ed)

All of our camps are limited to 12 participants to ensure a good coach to camper ratio, to foster a spirit of community, participation and support. We offer a 10% siblings discount.

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