Our Growing Community

Our Growing Community

"Achieving complex and difficult goals requires focus, long-term diligence and effort. Success in any field requires forgoing excuses and justifications for poor performance or lack of adequate planning; in short, success requires emotional maturity. The measure of belief that people have in their ability to achieve a personal goal also affects that achievement." 

Success comes down to you. As they say, what you put in, you get out. CrossFit Guelph strives to offer a place, a program and a community that inspires and motivates each one of our members to achieve success, to be and do and 'put in' their very best.

So that you can gain some confidence that what we offer is a superior, sometimes life-changing, fitness experience, we asked a few of our members to write about their experience. 


Rob Bryson
Roy Bryson
Meryl Herberts
Dan Neesom
Krysia Bates
Ben and ELissa
Ben, Elissa
Ian Jones
Ian Jones

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