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Owner/Head Coach/Transformational Coach

To borrow from the great Martin Luther King, I had a dream.  At 15 I knew I wanted to help people-I had no idea how, or who but the seed was planted.

Fast forward through High School and University, jobs working as a Supply Teacher, Educational Assistant with Special needs kids, two years in Taiwan as an English Language teacher, in Home care and support worker for physically and mentally challenged kids, working as a renovation carpenter, thoughts of teachers college, and the constant in my life from a young age, Martial Arts. The dream was alive but lacked direction.

Ironically it was through Karate that I finally found the vehicle to help I had been looking for.

In 2006 at the end of my active fighting career I was 38 and looking for an edge. Enter CrossFit. Within weeks of my first workout I was hooked. Within months I was in Toronto for the very first CrossFit certification in Canada and in April of 2007 CrossFit Guelph, Canada’s 9th affiliate opened its doors.

10 Plus years later, just like in the beginning, we are here to help.



Senior Coach

Like most of us, I was never an exceptional athlete – painfully average some might say. Mediocrity in youth sports continued into “remaining active as an adult”; recreational sports, running, lifting weights, and DVD workouts became the norm.

I tried Crossfit to ‘shake things up’ and – following a seriously humbling WOD – have experienced continued measurable improvement in my overall fitness ever since. My passion for Crossfit has grown over the years and has morphed from purely personal improvement to genuine interest and enjoyment in seeing growth in the abilities of all members at the box.

Our core principles of technique, consistency, and intensity, combined with the passion of our coaches, are the basis for the continual improvement that is evident everyday at Crossfit Guelph

I’m a proud father of three boys and husband to an amazing woman who remains both motherly and wifely despite the abundance of testosterone within our walls.


Senior Coach In absentia.

My path to crossfit started like many others. Countless hours spent in conventional gyms with no plan, bad form, and little results led me to look for something better. Eventually, I gave in to mounting pressure from my brother to try this new exercise methodology he had discovered called crossfit. My initiation to crossfit was a smorgasbord of unspeakable pain, physical exhaustion, and shameful vomitting. I’ve been hooked ever since.

My passion for CrossFit has continued to grow and I enjoy seeking out ways to improve my capacity as an athlete and as a coach. I enjoy working with athletes new to CrossFit and seeing their initial excitement grow into a sustained effort towards living a healthier life. CrossFit helped reshape my attitude and understanding of health and fitness and I look forward to helping the members of CFG along their path however I can.

Jack McIsaac

Junior Coach

I’m a second year anthropology student at UOG and have been doing CrossFit for almost 3 years. I started training in Brantford at CrossFit Durst, but moved to attend the University of Guelph.

Before discovering CrossFit I played Lacrosse, Hockey and Rugby but due to a few injuries, can no longer play. I picked up CrossFit as a means to keep myself busy and ended up falling in love with the atmosphere, people and the lifestyle. I recently received my Level 1 CrossFit coaching license and look forward to coaching and helping people achieve goals and fall in love with CrossFit the same way I did.

Dr. Julie Downer

Nutrition/Transformational Coach

I was lucky enough to find Crossfit Guelph 3 years ago and since then have not looked back. When I started I was overweight and was mildly dismayed when I initially gained weight doing Crossit. The turning point came when I dialed in my nutrition. When I changed my way of eating and my relationship with food I started to loose weight, my clothes were looser and I felt great. The exercise was great but Nutrition was key.

I am very happy to be working on my Precision Nutrition Level One Certification. It combines my love of learning and science with the practical skills to help people improve their diet and thus their health and well being. I have a strong Science background. A Bachelor of Science Honours Chemistry from the University of Toronto and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College. I have spend the last 20 years as a small animal Veterinarian at Bloor Animal Hospital in the west end of Toronto.

I look forward to introducing CFG’s Nutrition program and helping it’s members improve their nutrition and general well being.

We believe in you, even when you don’t-Here to help!