Are you ready, do you remember when exercise was fun?

Remember Recess?

Sure you do: that break from drudgery. Exercise can be fun again. No repetition; a mental and physical break. A chance to forget everything and just run around.

Remember Play?

Unrehearsed, informal; something different every day. Yes, you got sweaty, but the hours FLEW by. You were totally immersed.

Remember the Playground?

You were moving – but you didn’t call it ‘exercise.’ It looked a lot different than your desk did. You tried new things. You laughed, climbed, ran, and jumped.

At our gym, YOU are the equipment.

Great Trainers don’t need – or even want – a lot of equipment, because they know the truth: machines aren’t natural. Squats are natural. Pushups are hard, but great. Burpees….well, no one likes those, but that’s one more reason to do them.


There’s a reason we train this way: with short, but tough workouts; with free weights instead of machines; and in a private gym, nestled in the Industrial Park. We train this way because we’ve DONE the other stuff, and this is what works. Science is on our side.

Our physical philosophy is the same as our nutritional: eat real food. Do real work. Question, test, implement, repeat. Years of experience has taught us to keep things simple. Our coaches are the best in the business; our equipment is state-of-the-art. Ropes to climb, bumper plates, kettlebells, gymnastics rings, chalk, and your own feet: these are the tools required for true progress.

When we started in 2006 we asked the same questions you’re likely asking now. Today, we have more answers, and you can find those within our gym walls. We also have MORE questions. We’ll never stop learning on your behalf, because we believe that we can never know too much.

At CFG we know you are already awesome.
Find out how we can help you be even awesomer.